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There’s a specific issue that I’ve ran into using zCLI:
Sometimes dialing some specific meetingNumbers the ZR instance gets stuck with “Connecting” status, so the only way to recover is to disconnect:

Is there a way to check which meetingNumber ZR instance is connected/connecting to? I haven’t found such information in documentation

Hey @maksym.rossiitsev,

Thanks for reaching out about this—happy to help confirm this for you. Can you provide a screenshot or snippet of what you’re entering into the terminal, as well as the specific meeting numbers causing the issue? This will help us to take a closer look.


Hi @will.zoom
Thank you for the reply and sorry for the duplicate topic - I figured that I didn’t submit the first one :slight_smile:

So basically what I do is just a start meeting CLI command with 1234567890 meeting number:

zcommand dial start meetingNumber: 1234567890

For now the workaround I have within the automation functionality is disconnecting if the current call status is “connecting”, but still this isn’t too reliable.

Also, I have probably didn’t bring much attention to it in the topic itself, but is there a way to retrieve current connecting/connected meetingNumber?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @maksym.rossiitsev,

Thanks for the details! I’m looking into this for you. (ZOOM-211567)


Hey @maksym.rossiitsev,

A few more details I’d like to confirm:

  1. What is the ZR version you’re using?
  2. Where are you getting the meeting number come from? Is it a scheduled meeting in your upcoming meeting list?
  3. Does the meeting have a password?

Let me know when you have a chance—thanks!

Hi @will.zoom,

Sure, so

  1. The version of the application is 5.1.1697.0821
  2. The meeting number is rather arbitrary. The problem is there there’s no way to validate/guarantee that the numbers that will be passed in future are not eventually something similar to it, and normally for other “incorrect” meeting numbers - the connection just drops, but in this case it just freezes indefinitely, making the application rather unresponsive, unless the “hangup” command is sent.
  3. I have tried with and without an arbitrary passcode (123456), and it seems to lead to the same outcome…

Please let me know if this information is enough,

Thank you!

Thanks, @maksym.rossiitsev!

I’ll let you know what I find.


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Hi @maksym.rossiitsev,

I heard back from our ZR CLI Engineer, and they were able to clarify the following:

First, please note that the meeting number in command "zCommand Dial Start meetingNumber: " should not be arbitrary, it should be a scheduled meeting number in your meeting list, which can be obtain by command “zCommand Bookings List”

If you want to join an arbitrary meeting, please use "zCommand Dial Join meetingNumber: "
Sometimes, if the meeting require a password, the join meeting process will gets stuck, and you will get output like this:

*e MeetingNeedsPassword needsPassword: true
*e MeetingNeedsPassword wrongAndRetry: false


You can try the latest version ZoomRoom 5.2.2 . If the problem still exists, can you please provide some logs? The log path is as below:
C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\ZoomRooms\logs\ for windows
/Users/xxxx/Library/Logs/zoomRooms/ for mac


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