Misunderstanding with a PMI and scheduled meeting

Dear Scott, I’m kinda confused, please help me.
For example, I’m starting PMI meeting - zCommand Dial StartPmi Duration: 60
Then I end it, and have it in meeting list. With command zCommand Bookings List I can get these Instant Meeting with meeting number. If I try to join that meeting with that meeting number zCommand Dial Start meetingNumber: 3348757790, I got an error - incorrect meeting ID.
What should I did to repeat ZRC functionality? zCommand Dial StartPmi Duration: 60 again?
Or I need to check isInstantMeeting parameter and if it is on then StartPmi, else use zCommand Dial Start meetingNumber: 3348757790 ?

Hello Raz, for instant meetings simply issue zCommand Dial Startpmi Duration: x, the instant meeting meeting id should always be the same and that command will take you to the meeting corresponding to your room’s instant meeting id. If you disconnect from the meeting and wish to start another instant meeting, just issue another zCommand Dial Startpmi Duration: x. You do not need to join an old instant meeting.

But yes, the isInstantMeeting parameter will tell you if a meeting is an instant meeting or not.