Cloud Recording Enabled - Meetings Not Recorded


We have cloud recording enabled.  So that, every meeting that runs should be saved in the cloud up to 1Gb.

But, for all meetings we get

Error Code 3301: Message - There is no recording for this meeting

Attached are illustrations.

Need help.



I’m having the same problem using

It doesn’t work with meeting id as spected, but it works if you send the meeting UUID instead of the id.

I think it should acept both.

Unfortunately UUID changes during calls, so I will move to

 Hi Aj,

Are you passing a meeting_number or a meeting_id?

Joshua Woodward the meeting_number is the meeting_id when you use

As far as I tested the UUID is not permanent and can not be consider as the meeting_id



I see what you’re talking about with UUIDs. When I do with the meeting number (id) the UUID is not the same as the UUID in

Meeting Get


Recording List


I’ll keep you posted