Recording API Issue

Issues with Recording API :
List Recording

We are having an issue / discrepancy when using the two APIs.
When using recordingsList we get all the recording for a user.
However when I try to get a recording via meeting UUID, some meetings return the recording whilst others do not.
This does not happen when I use the recordingList only while using recordingGet
I’ve verified that the meeting ID is correct and that the recordings do exist. And since i’m using the meeting UUID i am unsure why the recordings are not being returned

I only get a recordings does not exist.

{"code":3301,"message":"This recording does not exist."}
Note the recording does exist and is possible to retrieve via the recordingsList

Are there any conditions that prevent recordings from being returned ?
If so why is it only being returned when using recordingList and not recordingGet

Hi @codemanas17 ,

Please see the following suggestion:

If the above is not an issue and if it’s a recurring meeting meeting at a set fixed time, are you passing the correct meeting uuid? Check this section of a blog post on this for help:

Hi @gianni.zoom

This is not quite the same case for me.
What’s happening for me is - when i have to retrieve recording via meeting id, i first get the past instances then via the meeting UUID get the recordings for the meeting.

However what i’m finding is that when I do a List Recording option all recordings are shown.

But when i get the past instances and try to retrieve the recordings. The recordings are retrieved for some meetings and not others.

Hi @codemanas17 ,

It may be limited due to recording settings. Can you please click on the post I shared above and go through the settings for the recordings you are not seeing?


I’ve already checked the settings, it’s not a recurring meeting or a set fixed time meeting.
What’s happening is if i do recordlingList the recordings shows up.
If I do a recordingGet via meeting id the recording is pulled.
But - (and only for some meetings) if i use the meeting UUID the recordings aren’t available.

Hi @codemanas17 ,

If these are singularly occurring meetings, use meetingID as opposed to meeting uuid.