Can’t retrieve Recordings using Meeting UUID

Hello Team,

When we use “/meetings/{meeting_id}/recordings”

I have retrieved UUID from /meetings/{meetingId} API.
Meeting Id = “87646814902”
Meeting UUID = “UVGZnm2BRSSq3oxXYubu6Q==”

I am facing the issue while hitting URL “/meetings/{meetingUUID}/recordings”

before encode meeting UID: UVGZnm2BRSSq3oxXYubu6Q==

after encode meeting UID: UVGZnm2BRSSq3oxXYubu6Q%253D%253D


We got the below response :
{“code”:3301,“message”:“This recording does not exist.”}

When we use Meeting ID instead of Meeting UUID we got the latest recording instance But we want all recording instances of Meeting ID.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @darshan,

Thanks for sharing these details.

In taking a look at the UUID provided, I can see that it reflects the scheduled instance of the meeting, but it does not belong to a meeting instance that has taken place yet, which is why it’s not returning any recordings.

Note that meetings will have a UUID for the upcoming scheduled instance, and once a meeting is held, a new UUID is generated for the past instance. You can query past instances/UUIDs for a Meeting ID by calling this endpoint:

Let me know if this helps to clarify. :slight_smile:

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