Cloud Recordings: DELETE API malfunction

With respect to the created zoom app titled “EVA_2022_Delete” in the account number 7015470394 , the DELETE API (Link: Zoom Meeting API) doesn’t seem to be working since the 18th of this month.

Despite the videos being present in the storage, the API is returning a status of 404 with the message saying “3001: This recording doesn’t exist”.

Due to this malfunction, the zoom storage is being exhausted. Hence, I believe that this would be an error from zoom’s end, as the API was working as intended before 2022-04-18, and from this date, all API calls are incorrectly returning a 404 status.

Please provide a rectification for this issue at the earliest, as it is resulting in an exhaustion of resources.

We are encountering the same issue with the Delete API calls: 404 3301 Error When Trying To Delete Individual Recording Files Through API - #3 by eot

Thanks for informing. I have replied in the thread.

Hi everyone!

This was due to an issue on our end.
Could you please try again and confirm that this is not an issue anymore!

Thank you, @elisa.zoom
The issue seems to be fixed.

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@Ethnus1 Thanks for confirming this! :slight_smile: