New OAuth Users: 'recording.started' Webhook Not Triggering on First Meeting

We’ve set up webhooks in our Zoom marketplace application and have configured several webhook events. However, we’re encountering an issue specifically with the “recording.started” webhook event. This problem arises only the first time when a new user, created via OAuth, starts a recording.

To automatically enable “cloud recording” for users’ meetings, we’re using the following Zoom API: “

With this payload:

    "recording": {
        "auto_recording": "cloud",
        "cloud_recording": True,
        "host_pause_stop_recording": True,
        "ip_address_access_control": {
            "enable": False
    "in_meeting": {
        "closed_caption": True,
        "closed_captioning": {
            "auto_transcribing": True,
            "enable": True,
            "save_caption": True,
            "view_full_transcript": True

Despite “cloud recording” being enabled via the API, we can’t detect the “recording.started” event when a user joins a meeting.

Are we overlooking a configuration step, either in the application or in our code? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @rory
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Is this happening only with new users and with new meetings? when the first meeting is held with recording on cloud-enabled, you are not receiving that event?

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

Thanks for the response.

So yes, as far we can replicate the problem, it seems to only be happening with new users on their first meeting.

Yes, when the first meeting is held and cloud recording is enabled, we do not receive the recording.started event even thoug, in practical terms, the recording has in fact started.


Hi @rory
I will send you a private message to follow up with more details