Cloudwatch messages does not appear in linux client

we have alert channel where Cloudwatch puts notifications,this is how it appears on windows(
and this is on linux client (

As you can see the message is completely missing on Ubuntu.

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and the latest version of zoom 5.2.45870.0831
We have other people who have same issue on Ubuntu.
Problem doesn’t occur on Windows and Mac

Could you please suggest any way to troubleshoot the problem?

Hi @edgar,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Can you confirm whether the screenshot for the Incoming Webhook app that was taken in the Linux client is the same notification (same time, etc.) as the screenshot for the Windows client?

I’ll be happy to raise this with our team, but want to make sure these are representative of the same notification.


Hi @will.zoom

I do confirm that it is the same notification, more than our team still affected by this issue, and we even consider moving our alerts to another platform.

All the messages from the Incoming Webhook missing information on linux version.

I am at your disposal should you wish to discuss the issue further.


HI @edgar,

Thanks so much for confirming.

I’ve shared these details with our team, and we’re looking into it. (ZOOM-196418).

Thanks again for reporting it.


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