Some of our customer's webhooks are not sent

Some of our customer’s webhooks are not sent and because of this, they are not able to perform some operation on our platform. Please help us resolve this,

@KiranParkkalkalam , how frequently does this happen?

I am currently trying to check if there was some sort of outage

Hi Ojus,

This is happening quite frequently now, most recently it happened on Friday(July 14 2023).

We don’t see any outages on our end, our services were all live and webhooks were coming for some users. For certain users it is not coming. Please help us resolve this ASAP.

@KiranParkkalkalam even i noticed some missed events at my end on Friday. Were you able to receive the missed events later? If not, can you DM me some of the meeting IDs so that I can check at my end?

No, we did not receive the events later also.

I don’t see an option to send you private DM.

If it is okay, we can take this forward on email - Here is my email

@KiranParkkalkalam emailed you