Code 1009 & Payments charged to the Pro accounts

My developer has opened a separate thread for Code 1009 issue. I understand that if a user already has a PRO account - we cannot add via API and manually add them to our user list.

I have 2 following question regarding the payments charged to these accounts -

I have 2 scenarios - please read line by line.

Scene 1 -

Tutor A - joins an Online tutoring platform ( let’s keep it as XSCHOOL )
Tutor A doesn’t have a zoom account before.
After joining XSCHOOL - she receives an invitation
accepts the invitation.
A basic zoom account is created.

Now tutor A - logins to her zoom account and she can upgrade PRO by paying - Right?
IN the next month - the subscription amount will be deducted from her credit card - Right?
I understand that - her account is linked to parent’s organizational account. Question is - whether the tutor can pay for her pro subscription cost or it will be only taken from the Parent organization account credit card?

Scene 2 -

Tutor B joins XSCHOOL
Already has a zoom PRO account before signup.
After joining XSCHOOL - she DON’T receives an invitation ( WHY? Is there a way to add via REST API )
Parent’s organization account Admin manually adds her account to User’s list
Now she is linked to Admin’s parent organization account.

Next month - When Tutor B’s subscription amount - It will be paid from Tutor B’s credit card or Admin’s parent account credit card?

Hey @srivathsangk,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.

For scenario 1, the parent organization - or account owner - would be responsible for the billing. If you wanted to set up a reseller structure where you could bill sub-account independently I recommend talking with our ISV Team.

This behavior is true for scenario 2 as well. Part of adding a user to your account means that you are responsible for their billing.

I’m not positive why this isn’t available via API but I know that it’s intended. If you would like to see this changed, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category.


Thanks for clarifying Max.

Regarding the code 1009 issue - I read a recent post made in Jan 2021, that this feature is still not available in restAPI because to billing and refund calculations. Can you check with your internal team whether a PRO account user can be added to Organization’s parent account via createusers API.?

Hey @srivathsangk,

I can confirm that’s accurate, currently only Free/Basic users can be added via the Create a User API.


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