Error code: 1009 when creating a user with an existing PRO account

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when I try to create 1 active user with 1 PRO account I get an error and can’t find a solution.


{ code: 1009,
  message: 'The user already holds an active account.' }

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Additional context
Is it possible to solve this using REST Api? because i found this: Adding existing users to a paid account – Zoom Help Center

Hi @phanhoangminh1704,

This error means that the user you’re attempting to create already has an active Zoom account. Are you trying to create a new user or add a user to your account from another account?

If it’s the latter, you will need to invite them to your account following these steps:

Let me know if this helps,

Hi Will,

Minh is my developer. We’re building an Online school. The tutor who intent to signup with us - already has a zoom PRO account. Normally when a tutor signup - createusers API we add them to our organization’s parent account and send them zoom invitation.

In this case, the tutor who already has a PRO account and trying to signup with our School - did not get any zoom invitation.

Can you confirm if the API doesn’t support this request and we have to manually add the PRO license holder to our user’s list via Zoom > user management settings?

Hi @srivathsangk,

Thanks for clarifying—if the user already exists under your account, you can apply a Pro license to their user profile from the Update User API:

You will specify type 2 in the request body, which will apply a license to the user.

Let me know if this helps to clarify!

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