Working with existing Zoom accounts AND non-existing Zoom accounts

We would like to be able to add Zoom meetings to all of our schedules events that our app creates. It appears we will need to have Pro plan to leverage the features we want. The flow for handling existing “Pro” users seems straightforward.

How do we handle users who don’t have Zoom accounts / or who do but don’t have a Pro subscription? We would want to handle the cost of subscription (not our end-users). Do we need to use the oauth flow for existing users and then handle non-existing users by adding them to our account (with sub accounts?)

Hey @brant, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

If a user does not have a Zoom account, I would direct them to create a free account, and then have them sign in via OAuth to authorize your application.

Free Users will be able to use your application unless it requires premium Zoom features such as Cloud Recording.


We’re looking to make use of the Cloud Recording feature. Is there a way we can somehow have them create a Free Zoom account and then have our company upgrade them to a Pro account? We don’t want them to have to pay out of pocket for the Pro account. Thanks!

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Hey @brant,

If the users are users on your Zoom account or the users give you access to their billing, then you can upgrade them via the billing APIs.