Error Code: 1009 The user already holds an active account


I have tried to create an account using the zoom rest api cust create account, however i can’t register an email account.

“action”: “custCreate”,
“user_info”: {
“email”: "",
“type”: 1,
“first_name”: “Sample”,
“last_name”: “Lastname”

It return a response something like this.

Error I get is following.
“code”: 1009,
“message”: “The user already holds an active account.”

User is already having paid account with Zoom. We are trying to create account for that user under our account using API.

Hi @rahul,

To use custCreate, it has to be a user that does not previously have a Zoom account.
If you use create then an invite is sent and if the user accepts, then they’ll be apart of your account.


Also note that you can’t use the ‘create’ command for inviting paid accounts. You can only invite them using the “Add Users” button in the Web interface. Be aware that when they accept, billing will contact you and ask to confirm that you want to accept them.

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Hi - is it still the case that we can’t add a paid user through the API and it can only be done through the portal?

Also are there any plans to incorporate the add user functionality from the web portal in the API?

Hi @jeffrey.suddarth,

Yes this is still the case where you can only add through the web portal. We’ll reach out to the Engineers about this to see if we can put this on our roadmap.


Hi @michael_p.zoom,

Any updates? We would like to register users into our platform that already have a zoom account. The user may have a pro account (a personal account) but we need register them as a host to our account (as basic plan). The main question is why a host/user has to be unique? We can’t tell the user, please use another email, because you’re already using a zoom account with the email provided.


Hi @thefantastic4it,

As of now, we don’t have any updates. The user has to have a unique password since we send transactional emails/notifications to the user based on their account access.