Code 300 error trying to zap from clickfunnels to zoom

getting a code 300 when trying to test from zapier

We had trouble sending your test through.

[{“code”:“300”,“message”:“Validation Failed.”,“description”:“Refer to URL:”}]

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
no idea. its zapier

Which Endpoint/s?
no idea.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. in Zapier create a zap
  2. Set up clickfunnels as first step
  3. set up zoom as second step. error occurs when trying to test the data

Screenshots (If applicable)
If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

Additional context
We had trouble sending your test through.

[{“code”:“300”,“message”:“Validation Failed.”,“description”:“Refer to URL:”}]

I received the same message today which is weird… as the same Zap worked fine yesterday. Very frustrating. Perhaps there is an issue with Zoom

Hey @stuha, @art,

Can you provide a screenshot of the workflow in Zapier?


Hi Tommy

Thanks for your email.

Attached is a screen flow that shows Typeform linking to Zoom, along with the error that arises in testing.

Hey @stuha,

Is this the same issue?

If so we will look to see if anything changed on our end.


Hi Tommy - thx. It may be similar but hard to say.
I can see that they have a True confirmation email field but mine reports as False.
I have tried to adjust the setting to “True” manually … but it has not changed the outcome.

Hey @stuha,

Are you able to save the zap? I know testing it is failing.

Can you provide steps to reproduce so I can bring this to our team who built the integration?


Hi Tommy

Yes, I am able to activate the Zap… but then I receive an error message soon after I do.

I have attached 3 screenshots for you.

Screenshot 1: shows a view from inside Typeform (the app in which the registrant data is captured). You are looking at:

  • the 2 fields that get asked for in the Zap (being the email field and the First name field), as well as the Family name field

  • the email field is designated as an email field

  • the two name fields are text fields

  • you will note that each field has a “*”… this means it is a required field

Screenshot 2: interestingly, if I was to register for an webinar directly inside Zoom, Zoom would also require a confirmation email as well as a Family name, but the Zap does not ask for these. (See Screenshot 2, showing a webinar registration page in Zoom))

If you feel it would help, I can add a please confirm email field in Typeform (I had done this previously but deleted it as the Zap does not ask for me to connect such a field with anything in Zoom (although this would make sense to me)

Screenshot 3: shows an error message received from Zapier (note reference to email missing. Again I wonder if this is because Zoom is not asking Zapier to ask for a confirmation email field?

Thank you so much!!


(actually no screenshots as there is no space to do this sorry)

On a related note, in the original Typeform, there is a logic jump which means only people who WANT to register go too the questions that ask for email and name etc. Other people who are run Typeform do not need to complete these fields. I wonder if this is part of the issue. Does Zoom reject the whole Zap if any single entry misses a single field?

Hey @stuha,

The confirmation email field on Zoom’s end is just a comparison on the frontend. It does not actually have any effect in the backend. So it should not be required when creating the Zap.

Did sharing screenshots not work? Can you try sharing an image url to the screenshot?


Hi Tommy - sorry, Zoom block me uploading another image.
Do you know if there is any progress with this Zapier integration into Zoom - it is very frustrating and disappointing to be honest. Not to mention, I also raised this with Zoom themselves but hav no reply after 2 weeks

Hey @stuha,

Our engineers who built the integration are looking into the issue. (ZOOM-157243)

I will post back here with updates.

Apologies for the inconvenience,

Have the same error code but different field, Country/Region.

Tried to save the form with not required Country field like said in the troubleshooting solution but still get the error.


  • John

similar issue here.

Using a simple Facebook Lead form FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, EMAIL and it errors saying

Hey @bruce1, @John_G,

Thanks for sharing these, I will forward to engineering to help fix as soon as possible.


Hi Tommy - any progress or workarounds can you suggest?

Hey @stuha, @John_G, @bruce1, @art,

Can you all private message me the meeting number this is happening to so we can track on our end?


Hey @stuha, @John_G, @bruce1, @art,

We had a release over the weekend to fix the last name being required:

Fixed the issue where the field(“last name”) last name was previously set as a required field instead of optional in the Add a Webinar Registrant API.

  • POST /v2/webinar/{webinarId}/registrants

Please let me know if that resolves the issue.


hello, it is working ok now, thanks.

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