Webhook zapier validation for real newbie!

I am having problems validating a Webhook from Zapier. I saw that there was a a similar post two weeks ago with the heading Webhook zapier validation.

I’m afraid that I am not a developer, and so got completely lost looking at the responses, and the related links, such as https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/webhook-reference/#validate-your-webhook-endpoint

Really sorry to be a pain but does anyone have a simple step by step user guide for validating a Zapier Webhook in Zoom? One that is not designed for developers? Up to recently we could set up Webhooks without needing to understand or write code. Any assistance will be gratefully received!

I don’t think that it is possible to reply to Zoom’s Webhook challenge if you are using Zapier and trying to piece together your own solution. Check out this link (a bit dated, I couldn’t find anything newer): https://community.zapier.com/code-webhooks-52/custom-response-to-webhooks-5402

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Thanks @adam-sercante , this feels like serious problem for Zapier if we can no longer use Zoom events as a trigger

@thesf I think it should only be where people are custom creating webhooks in Zapier to handle this. The Zapier Zoom connector shouldn’t be impacted by this change (though the connector author likely has to deal with this themselves, AND the connector only covers a few events)