Collaborate Mode with iOS


I am curious about what the intended behavior is for entering Collaborate mode on Zoom for iOS. At the moment, in client version “”, when a meeting host clicks the “Collaborate” button, iOS participants will immediately be taken into screen sharing mode, and not shown any prompt to Join, despite having the ability to run the application on iOS. In desktop clients, meeting participants are given the option to join a collaborate mode session (run an instance of the Zoom App)

I would assume that now that Zoom Apps run on iOS, and if mobile clients are enabled in the app settings, that mobile clients should prompt the user to join a Collaborate session? At least, this is behavior that I would want.

Is this behavior planned? Thanks

I had written about this originally here: ShareApp options - Add 'Share to breakout rooms' - #9 by chrisewald

It doesn’t look like we have this feature on our roadmap so I’ve reached out to our team to see if we can add collab mode to iOS devices in the future.

I’ll update you in this thread.

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Can you tell, how much time it will take?