Completely Delete a Webinar Registrant through the API

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We would like the ability to Completely Delete a Webinar Registrant from an event. This way if the customer decides to ‘Re-register’ they have a ability to do so.

Currently when you use the

and apply ‘Cancel’ as the status it is looked upon as a ‘soft delete’ moving the registered customer into a ‘blocked/deny’ status. If the customer re-registers from a webform it indicates an error message saying that the email is already listed but prevented from ‘re-registering’ for the event.

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Having a ‘DELETE’ webinar registrant instead of just a status update through the Zoom Webinar API.

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We noticed that in the Zoom confirmation emails there is a link to hard delete a customer from the webinar and then if they decide to re-register they can since the data is not listed in the ‘blocked/deny’ status.

Since we are using our own email templates we do not have access to hard delete webinar registrants.

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