"Computer Audio" is shown as English even if language set to Japanese with our own translation file

We use our own Japanese translation file to fix some of the default Japanese translation provided by Zoom. However, when we change the language to Japanese and set the translation to use our own translation, Computer Audio is still displayed in English and not in Japanese.


Which version?

Hey @lfrancia ,

Thanks for reporting this, it is defiantly a bug. (CS-2867) We will keep you updated on the fix.


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Since I am not seeing this on my end, just to confirm, can you clarify how you defined those values?

For example, preparing a your language json file as “jp-JP2.json”.


Then make sure that this file is accessible and defined before joining the meeting.

ZoomMtg.i18n.load(‘https://XXXX.com/XXX/lang/jp-JP2.json’, “jp-JP2”);


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Hi @yosuke.sawamura,

Thank you for your reply.

We prepare the customized language as follows:

const defaultJapaneseTemplate = require(`@zoomus/websdk/dist/lib/lang/jp-JP.json`);
const customizedLangTemplate = {
  'apac.wc_leave_pc_audio': 'オーディオを終了',
  'apac.wc_join_audio_by_pc': 'オーディオに参加',

Then, we load the language as follows before joining the meeting:

// Load languages first
ZoomMtg.i18n.load(customizedLangTemplate, "jp-JP2");

ZoomMtg.i18n.reload(lang); // lang is defined as "jp-JP2" or "en-US"
ZoomMtg.reRender({ lang });


The language file you are loading seems a bit odd and may not have the correct jason format.
So in your case, can you simply try copy the default and creating another file under lang (for example jp-JP2.json) and state that instead?

const customizedLangTemplate = require(’@zoomus/websdk/dist/lib/lang/jp-JP2.json’);

ZoomMtg.i18n.load(customizedLangTemplate, ‘jp-JP2’);

Hi @yosuke.sawamura ,

Here are the additional tests we did so far.

  1. Removed our customized translation and just used Zoom’s default jp-JP translation

Result: OK; Japanese language is shown as default

  1. Switch language after joining the meeting using Zoom’s default jp-JP translation

Result: FAIL; even without using our custom translation, switching language fails when switching between English and Japanese

Additional Information:

  • we printed out the customized translation (our version) and this is how it looks like. Computer Audio is in Japanese. Same with the default Zoom’s version. The 1st blue box on top is our translation. The one on the bottom is Zoom’s translation and we did not override it.

It seems like there is a problem when loading custom translation and switching languages.

If you need more information, please let me know. I’ll take a video of it if you need it and will share it with you.


Thank you for your reply. Seems that “ZoomMtg.i18n.reload” does not reload the entire UI when the participant is already in the meeting. Have updated towards our engineering and hope we can update you soon.


Hi Sawamura-san,

Thank you again for your help.

Yes. I also noticed that when the issue happened and then you click on either chat or participants button to show the chat/participants panel, the issue is fixed.

We will wait for the updates then.


Hey @lfrancia ,

We are going to fix this as soon as we can, most likely in version 1.9.5 or 2.0.0.


thank you!
may I know when is the target release date for that?

Hey @lfrancia ,

We will put up the release date and info for the upcoming releases here:


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