Concurrent meeting in same time with different api key and secret (JWT app)

We are using zoom api to create meeting (JWT - account level app ). I know zoom doesn’t support concurrent meeting for same host account. I want to use different api key and api secret to create meeting in same time. So I need different JWT app (for different api key and api secret). We are using pro account type (One admin and many members). We want to create concurrent meeting for our user in region base. But I can’t make two or more JWT app.
What is the procedure to create concurrent meeting with different JWT app or different api key and api secret?
Note: I have successfully created meeting via JWT app api key and api secret.

Please help me. I have already read many documents and post also. But I did not get correct guide line.


Hey @kamrul

Thanks for posting on the Zoom Devforum! I am still learning, but I will try my best to help answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @tommy,
I need your help. I am using JWT based authentication that no need user authorization visually. Let me describe our scenario.
We have pro account with multiple host facilities. Admin user created an JWT app to get API-key and API-secret. We have successfully created meeting as admin user via jwt API key and api -secret. But as we know one host can’t join concurrent meeting in same time. So our other colleages (host users) need to create different meetings in same time. I think there is no problem. Because host is different.
My question is, other host users will use same JWT API-key and API-secret?
Admin user always call api to create meetings behalf of users?
like create meetings behalf of users
We actually want that our host users can create seperate meetings via api call.
As we have tested host user can’t make seperate JWT app to get api-key and secret.
What is the procedure? I have already read tons of posts but did not get correct path.
Would you please response? It is urgent.

Thank you in advanced


Hey @kamrul,

Since JWT Apps are account level, and tied to your Zoom org, you can only create one. But with the one JWT App, you can generate a JWT Token and use it to make API requests for all users on your Zoom account.

Once you have your JWT Token, you can pass in the userId or user email to create meetings for anyone on your account! :slight_smile:

Let me know if that makes sense!


Hey Tommy,
I’m a bit confused on how the JWT API key/secret works as far as limiting users.
I want to create an app that allows for users to connect to whatever concurrent session (that we set up) that they want to. For example if i have a meeting and webinar going on concurrently with an a meeting session using a JWT key from a webinar account will that cause issues? Does the JWT key for the meeting need to be from the same account or can i use a different JWT key? (in my solo tests there was not any issue so i was wondering if there would be any issues with more attendees)

Also does the JWT key keep track of users allowed into a meeting or webinar or is that tracked within the meeting (or account)?

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Hey @luke1010,

You can generate several JWT tokens from one JWT app—so you shouldn’t run into any issues using credentials tied to the same app across different meetings and webinars.

The JWT credentials need to be generated from the JWT app on the same account you intend to host your meetings/webinars.

The JWT credentials you use track user permissions on an account level, so if they’re a user on the account the JWT app is set up on, this will all be tracked from that account’s settings/preferences.

I hope this helps!

Hello @tommy,
Thank you very much. It makes sense.
But we want to use the different API keys and different API secrets for our zoom users. Because we have different region like state. For example, we have many states like ab, abc, abcd etc. We have several zoom users under one master account. So we want to use a zoom meeting for different states at the same time.
For example state “abc” user is “user1” wants to create a meeting from 10 am - 12 pm.
state “abcd” user is “user2” wants to create meeting from 10pm - 11am.
So is it possible by using only one JWT app? or I have to create many JWT apps as many users?
Even though you have already described it above. But would you please clarify again?

Best Regards

Hey @kamrul,

In the use case you’re describing, you would not need to create multiple JWT apps, so long as each of these users (user1, user2, etc.) are all under your same account.

Does this help to clarify?

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