How to create concurrent meetings with a single API key

I would like to create meetings through the API, but in some cases I need to create two or more meetings at the same time.

I have created the app in my zoom account.I have taken the API Key and “Access Token” for creating the meetings and other API’s

I created a meeting with “/users/{userId}/meetings API” , I passed the development zoom mail id to the userid in above API using JWT token Auth and meeting created successfully.

I tried to create a meeting with another zoom email id but it is unable to create meeting and throws an error like “user not found”

Can I create a single API key to create meetings with different zoom accounts as hosts?

If it is yes… What is the best way to create meetings with a single API key?

Greetings, @manikyamallu,

Welcome to the Developer Forum – we are thrilled to have you. It looks like this inquiry has been answered before, here is a developer forum post you can reference:

Additionally, here is 50+ results for concurrent meetings as well. I’ve also linked our Can I host concurrent meetings help documentation:

I hope this helps, but please let me know if you need anything else or if you have any other questions.


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