Creating concurrent meetings using API


We know that Zoom does not allow a user to host multiple meetings at the same time.

But If I have multiple users under single admin account can these users host separate meetings?

How to create user-level meetings using APIs, since We are able to create only one JWT APP for account also we can only create Account-level JWT app, Can we have multiple APPs per user “JWT User-managed app”?

If not supported for JWT Can we create multiple User-managed apps for oAuth and create separate meetings hosted by users having same admin account?

Hey @nilesh.bunde,


With a JWT Token, you can create meetings for your users on their behalf. Just pass in their userId or email to the {userId} path param.

Does that clear things up?


I am trying to do the same thing. When I try to create meetings on behalf of other users, I get a 401 response. Can you walk me through the steps necessary for one account to have permission to create meetings for other accounts?

Hey @scott,

Please share the full 401 response with the error code, as well as what app type you are using (JWT / User Level OAuth / Account Level OAuth?).

If the user has installed your User Level OAuth app, then you can create meetings for them.

Or if a Zoom account admin has installed your Account Level OAuth app, then your app can create meetings for anyone on the same Zoom account.