Configure URL payload

I have a marketplace app and want to support the “Configure URL” but I don’t see any documentation of what the payload for this is when the user clicks the link. Is it the same as OAUTH initial authorize?

Confirmed that it passes these variables:

However, for an enterprise/account level app, i’m not able to associate this information with an account. Am I missing something on how to get the master account the user is tied to?

Hey @ron.jailall,

Can you please clarify what you mean by “Configure URL”?

Screenshot would be helpful.


This is the URL you set when you create a new Marketplace App, in the “Information” tab (last URL in the image):

Hey @ron.jailall,

This is just an additional page that you can provide to your users to help them get setup.

Yes, you are correct, Zoom provides the user_id and signature as a query param once you land on the configuration page.


You can take the user_id from the query param, and call the GET User endpoint, which will return the accound_id.

Let me know if that answers your question! :slight_smile: