Configuring video options for host and participant not working

We are trying to create zoom meetings from API. It works for other configurations, but as if we want to control the host and participant video whether they should start at the beginning or halt all the participant video, it is not working.
I am pasting the response that we are getting from zoom.
We are testing in both connecting through web or zoom application, the issue is same.

{“audio”: “both”, “use_pmi”: false, “jbh_time”: 0, “watermark”: false, “cn_meeting”: false, “focus_mode”: false, “host_video”: true, “in_meeting”: false, “waiting_room”: false, “approval_type”: 2, “breakout_room”: {“enable”: false}, “enforce_login”: false, “auto_recording”: “none”, “device_testing”: false, “encryption_type”: “enhanced_encryption”, “mute_upon_entry”: true, “private_meeting”: false, “join_before_host”: true, “alternative_hosts”: “”, “participant_video”: false, “show_share_button”: false, “close_registration”: false, “email_notification”: true, “enforce_login_domains”: “”, “host_save_video_order”: false, “allow_multiple_devices”: false, “global_dial_in_numbers”: [{“city”: “San Jose”, “type”: “toll”, “number”: “+1 6699009128”, “country”: “US”, “country_name”: “US”}, {“city”: “Tacoma”, “type”: “toll”, “number”: “+1 2532158782”, “country”: “US”, “country_name”: “US”}, {“city”: “Washington DC”, “type”: “toll”, “number”: “+1 3017158592”, “country”: “US”, “country_name”: “US”}, {“city”: “Chicago”, “type”: “toll”, “number”: “+1 3126266799”, “country”: “US”, “country_name”: “US”}, {“city”: “Houston”, “type”: “toll”, “number”: “+1 3462487799”, “country”: “US”, “country_name”: “US”}, {“city”: “New York”, “type”: “toll”, “number”: “+1 6465588656”, “country”: “US”, “country_name”: “US”}], “meeting_authentication”: false, “global_dial_in_countries”: [“US”], “alternative_host_update_polls”: false, “registrants_confirmation_email”: true, “registrants_email_notification”: true, “alternative_hosts_email_notification”: true, “approved_or_denied_countries_or_regions”: {“enable”: false}, “request_permission_to_unmute_participants”: false}