Conflicting information for already published Zoom market place app

Hello, we have two Zoom OAuth apps that are published on the Zoom market place. However, I see some conflicting information on the dev app management portal. The apps are labeled as intended to publish, but the apps are already published to the market place and I see them in the market place. For context our OAuth apps have been published on the Zoom market place for several years now. Has this changed?

Applications :
Okta Workflows
Okta Preview Workflows

Hello @okta-oauth

Both Applications are Published on the Marketplace. They are listed as intended to be published because when you created them you indicated you wanted them Published. I can confirm they were Published and are still actively Published at the moment.

Regards, Kwaku

Hi Kwaku,

Thanks for confirming. I have a follow up question. We intend to regenerate the client secret for both these apps. Would we be required to re-submit the applications for publication if we regenerate the client secrets?

Hello @okta-oauth

Yes you would have to submit the update request but it will be a very quick review since there is nothing for us to test in that situation.

Regards, Kwaku

Okay thanks for confirming. While the apps are under review, will they still be usable? will there be any downtime for our users?


No there will be no downtime it will work as usual until the changes are applied.

Regards, Kwaku

Awesome thank you for all your help!

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