Cannot find my non published app in the list of apps in the desktop zoom app

I’ve created oauth app without the intention of publishing and I would like to try it right in the zoom within my organization. When I click to the apps btn inside the zoom, my app is not listed there. What I do wrong?

Hi @a.panfilkin

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
If you are creating an OAuth app, you will be able to find it in your Marketplace, you just need to login with your credentials and click on “Manage” to be able to visualize your apps.

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Hey, @elisa.zoom thank you for responding.
The app hasn’t been published yet. I would like just to test inside the room. It shouldn’t be in the marketplace.

Hi @a.panfilkin

Thanks for sharing more details with me. I think that you are talking about Zoom Apps and
Zoom Apps are still under development as we approach general availability for developers. We’re still working on getting ready to make development resources available, and expect to have more updates to share in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, please be sure to subscribe to the Zoom Apps mailing list to receive information on new solutions, documentation, and developer news & events from Zoom.

Zoom Apps mailing list:

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Hi Elisa,
Are you talking about adding the feature in the near time for zoom apps that is not going to be published to allow to use them inside the rooms?

Hi @a.panfilkin
Sorry I think I am not understanding correctly.
So you are developing an OAuth app and you would like to test it inside of your account, is that what you are talking about?
Please feel free to add more details.

@elisa.zoom. Yes, correct. We are creating an OAuth zoom app like a miro and we are going to integrate it into the zoom. I wouldn’t like to publish the app in the marketplace, we are going to use it only inside our organization for now. I’ve created a test app and currently, we would like to test it inside the meeting room. But I don’t see my application in the list of applications inside the meeting room, so we can’t test it. Is there any chance to try to use my unpublished zoom app inside the meeting room?

Hi @a.panfilkin
Ah I see, I understand now.
So basically what you have created now is an OAuth app that you can publish in the Marketplace or use it internally in your account.

To be able to see the app in the meeting room, it is also an OAuth app but it is not available to the public yet, those are called Zoom Apps and that’s why you do not see it in the list of applications inside the meeting room.

About this:

Is there any chance to try to use my unpublished zoom app inside the meeting room?

Not right now but we are working hard on getting ready to make development resources available .
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So for oauth Zoom Apps, we have to go through publishing before it will appear in the meeting’s apps list.

Am I understanding you correctly that an OAuth app that is not yet published is called a ‘Zoom App’, but when it’s published, it becomes an “App”?

Also, will my oauth Zoom App (written in Javascript) appear in both the Zoom web client and the Zoom Windows client?

Lastly, since I can’t test it “in the room” prior to publishing, can I assume that once the app is launched, it will take over all or most of the main display window? If not, how do I make that happen?

Hi @sniles

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
So basically both OAuth app and Zoom Apps are both OAuth apps, the difference between them is that the “traditional” OAuth app is that its an app that can not be run inside of the client (you can not access it within your Zoom client or during a meeting) and the Zoom Apps are those apps that you can actually launch and use once you are in a meeting.

Learn more about Zoom Apps here:

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This is quite confusing. The page you linked to contains information about how users can use Zoom Apps. At the bottom of the page is this " Discover how to build apps and integrations with Zoom Developer Platform solutions by visiting the Zoom Developer site — be sure to sign up to get notified of Zoom Apps general availability for developers!"

I click that link, then click the “Build” icon in the upper right, and it takes me to the same page I used before, where it asks me to choose my App Type (JWT, OAuth, ChatBot…). None of it mentions Zoom App.

That last sentence: “be sure to sign up to get notified of Zoom Apps general availability for developers”… this implies that currently Zoom Apps are not generally available for developers. Is that the case? How can I get access to the information and SDKs I need to develop a Zoom App prior to general availability? I see that there are currently 50+ Zoom Apps available from other companies… how can I get my company included in this program?

Hi @sniles ,

The Zoom Apps already available went through our besting program which is no longer accepting new developers, but Zoom Apps will be available for the general audience soon! If you sign up for our mailing list, you’ll be notified when this happens.

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Hi @gianni.zoom ,

Thanks for the clarification. I’ll be sure to sign up for your mailing list. In the meantime, is there any documentation available on developing these new forms of apps? I’d like to be able to get a sense for the level of development effort I should prepare for.


Hi @sniles
Unfortunately we do not have any documentation available right now.

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