Connect to a zoom meeting read raw audio without the meeting UI

I am integrating zoom raw audio reading functionality to our existing internal backend application using native windows SDK. I got it work using below zoom articles which was really helpful.

Anyway since this is a backend internal application without standard meeting capabilities, i do not want the default UI or custom UI to be opened. Is it possible to hide that upon meeting connection with native windows SDK that i am using with the above given articles?

cc: @chunsiong.zoom

Thanks in advance.

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?
v5.16.5.24346 or latest

@dinusha00 Hope you will be fine.

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@dinusha00 Here is a working demo → Zoom Native SDK Bot.

@dinusha00, Zoom released a meeting bot starter kit a few days ago - this should help: Meeting bot starter kit with

Thanks for the replies. Appreciated those. Will evaluate these options.

So it means that if we need to communicate with zoom meeting without a UI as a backend process, we always need to implement a complete bot instead the above working examples provided by zoom or use a 3rd party API provider that supports it as a service. Zoom does have the ability to connect directly as a backend program currently?

Hi @chunsiong.zoom
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


I was able to run it by overriding the custom UI settings. Below thread was helpful to enable the custom UI.

Then used the token with local recording so that it will have the recording permission upon joining instead meeting host grant it specifically.

Alternatively we can use native SDK linux version in a docker environment so that it will run headless by default, that works too. Below is that reference.


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