Connection failed: Invalid access token


We succeed to create the JWT app

But we can’t connect to it from moodle

We get all the time the error: Connection status: Connection failed: Invalid access token.

Hi @barhum77 - we will investigate, but I wanted to note I’ve edited your post to remove sensitive information about your account.

@barhum77 have you used the Zoom LTI Pro Moodle integration?

Hello Michael,

Can you please do a hard reset to my account too?
I deactivated and activated many times but still doesn’t work.

Thank you

Hey @australianewtalents,

We are working on it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience,

“Connection failed: Invalid access token.”
Hi, i cannot connect to zoom from Moodle, my plugin does not function.
What can i do?

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Hey @damian,

Can you please share a screenshot of the issue and steps to reproduce?


Hi Tommy,
thanks for the replay.
I have integrated Zoom in Moodle through the Zoom-Plugin. In Moodle I must set up this plugin, and the problem is that I have no connection from my Moodle to Zoom, the token cannot establish connection.
Please see the attachment.
What can I do to bring the token in function, I dont no where the token is and where the failure is.
Thanks for your support.

Hey @damian,

Please try regenerating your JWT Secret.


I do that and do not work

Hey @omar1,

Please share specific details and screenshots about your issue and steps to reproduce.



I have the same challenge and have tried the guidance offered above … it still does not work.

Pls help