Contact_center.task_updated Webhook event isn't sent often

Is there a reason why this event does not get sent often? Its description states that it should execute every time a task is updated, but that clearly is not the case on our end.

Hi, @omari.isaac.,
Thank you for reporting the behavior are seeing. Can you elaborate more on events that are sent infrequently, how frequently are you seeing them? And how often are you not getting events that you are expecting ?

When a task gets assigned to a user, I am expecting for an event to be sent to set the status to assigned, but it does not happen. I do see it sometimes when a reservation occurs. Out of thousands of engagements, there’s only a few task updated events. To sum things up, I should be receiving events when a task is: pending, reserved, assigned, canceled, completed, or wrapping. I don’t want to hardcode the statuses. I want the webhooks to update the task statuses.

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@omari.isaac ,
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, is this behavior still an issue for you?