Courtroom audio mode

I live in a rural area and internet speed is not consistant. At a hearing last week the Judge was asking me questions and i would answer, sometimes during my answer, she would need clarification on a statement or need some additional information. It would take the video a few seconds to reach me and i did not stop talking until a few seconds after she started. And Judges do not like to be talked over.
An option to operate in a courtroom mode in that once a person began speaking, the other attendees audio would be blocked or their words put in a que until the speaker finished, then the next in line audio would open either llive or from the que. If no voice in a second or two, next in line audio opens. This would have to run outside so people with slower connections would be in sync with the entire group. Therefore, a speaker could finish thier statement, another could ask a question while the thought was still in thier mind without interupting, and once the first person finished, the message i the que would play, or they could speak one to one. This will be nice when a hearing has several person’s all running at different speeds,.

i have had to use video and call in to keep up with the group. As soon as my pigs get thier piolets license . we will have fiber optic and stable connections.

and one more option. can you add a wardrobe option. a closet that i can pick out something to wear and overlay it on top of what im wearing. also room selections so i can place myself in a fancy office rather than trying to hide the pillows because im really laying in my bed.
And a blue tooth ghost mode. continuos loop that shows my picture but sound is going to my blue tooth ear bud so i can have a smoke, go to the bathroom, let the dog out, grab a bite and nobody will know im gone.
final thought
a timer so when the judge calls for a 5 or 10 minute break, a buzzer goes off for everyone. Not only do computer speeds vary, peoples time pieces operate at different speeds. i have seen 10 minutes last any where from 7 minutes to 20.