Selective Hearing

As an alternative to breakout rooms I would like a feature that allows users to select who they listen to in the main room.

I teach English in groups. Currently I use breakout rooms for paired conversations.

I would like to keep all my students in the Main Room but allow them to select who they listen to.

Instead of muting the input it would mute the output of all students and then allow the user to select who they listen to.

The intention would be to allow multiple conversations in the same room, much like in a real classroom.

Rather than having a private breakout room it would allow multiple conversations in a public space, participants could join or listen to any conversation, without having to join and the leave separate breakout rooms they would just selectively mute or unmute the output of the people they want to / don’t want to listen to.

I’m not sure if it is possible technically, but what I am asking for is to allow everyone to talk at once and to focus my attention by selectively muting and unmuting the output of individuals or all participants without affecting their ability to speak to other participants in the same room.