Create a Meeting API daily limit for ACCOUNT LEVEL APP with meeting:write:admin scope?

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I have a help desk chatbot that (using our business logic) matches zoom end users with help desk agents. In the course of such an interaction, the chatbot may need to create a Zoom meeting with the help desk agent as the host. The chatbot has been granted meeting:write:admin scope and will use the /users/{userId}/meetings API endpoint to create the meeting.The app will only be used within the company/account and not published to the market place.

With this setup, is the 100 meeting per day create limit applicable to the entire chatbot account-level app, OR it is 100 meetings per day for each user/HOST on behalf of whom the meeting is being created. In each case the chatbot credentials will be used to create the meeting. So for example, if there are 20 Help Desk Agents and we create meeting with the help desk agents as hosts throughout the day, is the limit 100 total or 100*20 = 2000/per day in this set up?

(I am aware that the alternate mechanism is use an OAuth on-behalf-of flow where we would have to use the access token from each help desk agent to create the meetings but this adds a level of complexity with secure refresh token storage)

If the limit is not 2000 in the above example, but still 100, Zoom should consider a higher rate limit for apps that already have Administrator consent and will be published for use by the entire enterprise.

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This seems to suggest that the limit would be user-level, even if the app was account-level, but this area continues to be an area of confusion given the number of similar questions on this topic; request some some depth and scenarios added to your documentation.

Hi @gauraves,

Thank you for reaching out about this—I can confirm that limits on requests for creating meetings is on a user level, not an account level. So, if for example you had 3 separate users under your account, you could collectively create 300 meetings across the three of them in 1 day (100 each).

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

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