Create a Meeting API v2 is slow in China network

We are facing a performance issue with ZOOM APIs for China environment. This Performance issue in “Create a Meeting API” is making a BIG impact on our Business.

We are unable to create more than 4 meetings at the same time. Very Slow in response, taking a couple of minutes to create few meetings.

Are there any issues or slowness in API calls happening around China environment?

Do you have any solutions to improve the API calls performance?

Please let us know if you have any solutions or workarounds to fix this API performance issue.

Appreciate your quickest response.

Which Endpoint/s?
POST /users/{userId}/meetings{userId}/meetings

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Very slow in creating a meeting when users access inside of China network. It is taking 34 seconds to create 6 meetings.


Hi @karthikeyan.ramaraj,

Thank you for reaching out about this, and I’m happy to look into this for you.

In order to further investigate, is it possible to share the following with me?

  • Example request that took long to process
  • Timestamp of the request in UTC

This will be helpful for taking a closer look. Thanks!

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