Create a meeting with a set of users


I would like to create a meeting for a host and 4 participants.

I cannot find an API that matches that requirement.

Do I have to do this in couple of steps:

  1. create a meeting
  2. add user 1
  3. add user 2


Hi Henry, 

Can you elaborate a little more of your requirements? Our Create a meeting API can either allow any users to join with a link or join if the registration is setup.  





  1. My client has a large group of customers, and I am assuming that they all will be registered to added to any meeting. Is that correct?

  2. I need to create a meeting and invite only 4 of them, not have the “doors open” for every one of the customers to use the previously created link to get in.  Do I get a new and unique link every time I create a meeting?


Hi Henry, 

You can use add a meeting registration API to add participants ( Yes, you will get a unique start_url every time you create a meeting. 



Hi Michael

I guess this would be the right place to raise this question.

is there a “knock” feature available?  in case some un-registered user wants to join a meeting, can he knock and the host let him/her in…


Hi Ashok, 

The only way the “Knock” feature could work is if the meeting registration approval type is set to automatically approve, and the un-registered attendees get the meeting join number, so they can join this meeting.