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How can I enable autoCreate in user creation?
I want to use Zoom for conversation in my web app and I need to schedule meetings for the users and also need to create the user account for them automatically.
I saw in the docs that ma

Hey @david1,

To use the autoCreate function for creating users reference our API docs:

There is also a guide here

Let me know if this helps!


I read those articles but I didn’t understand how to enable autoCreate.

We are constantly working on improving our documentation. Can you please let me know what part did you find confusing?

I want to use autoCreate and I don’t know how to do that.
I manage a domain and I want to create account for emails that is in my domain.

Hi David,

To use that option you need to have our Enterprise plan.

Here are the details:

Once you have the enterprise plan, you can use that feature.

Tommy, I’ve been trying to work with this feature. I want autoCreate, but not in a managedDomain? The user will complete forms and build a json to send to us with meeting date/time, guests they want invited (a virtual baby shower). We want to pre-set up an account for the user, with meetings scheduled, guests invited, all based on the form they submit.

Right now, we just want to create their accounts using their email, Google, Facebook, really don’t want to have to create a user in our domain, if possible.

Glen Austin

Hey @kcdemo.gdaustin.sfcc,

Instead of using autoCreate, I suggest using OAuth, that way users can connect to your application / form using their own Zoom account, or can create a Zoom account if they don’t have one, and then authorize your app to create meetings and take other actions on their behalf.