Create & delete users on the fly for ad-hoc meetings

For an upcoming project I’m looking to build a video-calling system, in which both users on the call would just have to click a link. The video SDK seems to cover that but since users won’t be interacting with Zoom itself and they can schedule the calls themselves, we have no way to know wether or not we have user available to start the call.

We’d start with 5 licensed users, and when creating a call we can see which user is available for that timeslot. If no-one is available we create a new user to start the meeting from.

However, we don’t want the keep adding and adding users. Could we remove the user once the call is finished (and transfer the meeting back to the admin account)? (potentially doing this 5 to 30 times per day, depending on the popularity of the platform).

Would we be ok doing this or do you see any obvious red flags?


Hi @janhenckens, the Video SDK does seem like your best option here; however, the Video SDK doesn’t interact with Zoom users in the way that Meetings/Webinars do.

The Video SDK creates and joins a session given a topic name and passcode. Users are authenticated into the session by your application. Your application would create a link to join the session, their presence in that session would be logic handled by your join flow. There would be no user licensing for this, it would be a usage-based session minutes (ex: 2 people in a session for 5 minutes is 10 session minutes of usage).

If you choose Meetings to build the project, you’ll likely want to join our ISV Partner program, which allows for the dynamic creation of users for embedding in your application. Using the custCreate method of the create users API, you would create a user from a pool of licenses, create a Meeting for that host user, and distribute the Zoom link (or a link to an application that embeds the Meeting SDK).

Thanks for the update Michael! After posting I came to the difference between the video & meeting SDK but the licensing wasn’t all that clear.

I’ll give it a try and post a new topic if/when I run into anything.

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