Managing a full fledge 1-1 meeting solution


Hi, I have been researching zoom for our new solution which will be heavily utilising 1 on 1 calls between two people, and this will be happening almost all the time, it could be pre scheduled, can be repetitive, or can be a spontaneous one time call.

What we want is, that the user does not leave our application(s) mobile or web, but the call is part of our application; we also want to be able to know how many minutes the call have been going on for, and if we need to we can end the call at any time.

I have looked in to /users/{userId}/meetings but as per my limited knowledge of it, I couldn’t get to do that for us, because anyone with the meeting start link can start the meeting and be host; also we have been using the app we created using the dev account, and that stays the host, we don’t want to show us as the host but either of the two participant who started/scheduled the meeting.

We would want to control the joinee/host using our internal IDs or even the user’s emails are fine.

Any help or guidance to the right path is appreciated.
Thank you.


Have you considered using the VideoSDK instead of the meeting SDK?

Based on your requirements of embedded calls, customization, data access, and control, the Zoom Video SDK seems like a better fit for your solution. It will provide a seamless user experience within your application, while offering flexibility and granular control over the call experience.

Here is a comparison between video and meeting sdk:

Hey @ojus.zoom thanks for responding, yes I did look into Video SDK as well but I don’t see how I can control it from the backend mid meeting, if I want to cancel a call lets say after X minutes.

And also is there any way for me to get the duration of meeting? And when participant 1 join and when the other joined? Should I use webhooks in combination with this? to get to know when the meeting was started, when person 1 joined, left and so on?

Also if we are using Video SDK that means that we will have to enforce the limit of number of users in the meeting ourselves? And who can join the meeting too, right?

To answer my own questions for those coming later:

  • To end a session we can use Zoom Video SDK API’s Update Status
  • You can calculate duration of the (live) session from the Get Session by id API, and then calculate it from the start time
  • If you want to get duration of the specific participant of the session, you can integrate webhooks, and then add some logic there.
  • Still haven’t figured out how I can limit it to only specific users from the backend. So any answers are appreciated.

Thank you @ojus.zoom for pointing me in the right direction