Create Meeting API : set "users can not unmute" and "users can not rename"

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I use the API. My participants are able to rename and unmute by default. Can I set it at creation so they are not able to ?

No error, but this was fine (the way I wanted was the default) a year ago.

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I did find a setting in my account to disallow renaming by default. I didn’t find a setting to disallow unmuting by default. Account default parameters are a satisfying solution to me, or addition parameters to the API call. Thank you.

Hi @MarcelB

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and for sharing your findings with us.
I see that you found a setting to disallow participants to rename themselves and it can be found on
Settings > In Meeting (Basic) > Allow participants to rename themselves.

To be able to mute all participants and control whether participants can unmute themselves, you will find that feature as well on
Settings > Schedule Meeting > Mute all participants when they join a meeting.

I hope this helps.

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