Creating Zoom meetings via API without publish to Marketplace

We are creating a mobile app that allows users to create events in a calendar. During creating a new event, we want to add a link to new Zoom meeting as the location of the event.
To do this, we want the user to log in to their Zoom account and so new Zoom meetings are being created on their behalf.

To do this, we built an app in the Marketplace with the Oauth app type. Next, we have implemented creation of a connection URL (…) where the user will go and log in. And then, after the user logs in, we get a token that we can use to create a Zoom meeting via API.From the created meeting, we use only the join link, and attach it to the calendar event.

Now, only the user on whose behalf we created the Zoom Oauth app can connect a Zoom account in our mobile app. We need everyone to be able to connect their Zoom account in our mobile app.

For everyone to be able to log in to our mobile app, we need to publish this Zoom Oauth app to the Marketplace, and for this we need to provide all the technical details of our mobile app. We don’t want to create and publish an App in the Marketplace. I suspect that we have chosen the wrong app type on creation.

Could you please advise us which type of App would be more appropriate for us? Or how we can create the meetings from users account?
Keeping in mind that:

  • we need to keep the ability to connect a user’s Zoom account in our mobile app
  • we need to be able to create a Zoom meeting on behalf of a logged-in user
  • not to share all the technical details of our mobile app, as we don’t plan to publish it on the Marketplace.

Hi @vadymkop , if you want external account users to use this app, it has to be successfully published to the Zoom App Marketplace.

Are these users just on your account?

It can be anyone who has a Zoom account. They should follow to the link from Zoom with reference to our app and after connection confirmation, we should be able to create meetings on their behalf for their calendar.

Hi @vadymkop , if it’s for anyone with a Zoom account–especially external accounts from yours–you have to publish the app. Here’s more detail on this:

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