Create Meeting , Returns "Status:waiting"

I created meeting . so response include status code. it shows “waiting”
Here is the details. what is that ? I wanna get status code . how could i get that ?

‘uuid’ => string ‘Pk6sdbfiQgGQfmvrcCCchA==’ (length=24)
‘id’ => int 91317652110
‘host_id’ => string ‘zpqzxNLMStu7f-T3CPj0rA’ (length=22)
‘host_email’ => string ‘sassss@wssscom’ (length=19)
‘topic’ => string ‘My Topic’ (length=8)
‘type’ => int 2
‘status’ => string ‘waiting’ (length=7)
‘start_time’ => string ‘2020-11-21T05:31:00Z’ (length=20)
‘duration’ => int 1
‘timezone’ => string ‘Asia/Calcutta’ (length=13)
‘agenda’ => string ‘Des’ (length=3)
‘created_at’ => string ‘2020-11-20T06:09:56Z’ (length=20)

Hey @sameera,

It looks like the reason that the meeting status is “waiting” is that the meeting is not scheduled to start until tomorrow. We can confirm this by looking at the start_time field in the response. Once the meeting starts, the status will change.

Let me know if you have any questions.