Create meeting using join_before_host: true, jbh_time: 0

When creating a meeting, add join_before_host: true, jbh_time: 0 to the settings.

But this configuration is normal when using “Join Meeting - Zoom?pwd=” (address for free account feedback), and
Error - Zoom ?pwd=**” (paid account feedback address) does not work

When you want to join a meeting, wait for the host to start this meeting.

settings.put(“allow_multiple_devices”, true);
settings.put(“email_notification”, true);
settings.put(“focus_mode”, true);
settings.put(“host_video”, false);
settings.put(“participant_video”, true);
settings.put(“join_before_host”, true);
settings.put(“jbh_time”, 0);
settings.put(“show_share_button”, true);

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