Create meeting with android SDK

I am using latest zoom sdk for android with key secret & token, want to know how to create a new meeting with random meeting id? all other methods llike startmeeting, start instant meeting only work with meeting id which is created in zoom app. I want to build an app where one user will create meeting on his own at any time & second user will join with meeting id. I saw API there for createMeetingId, is it compulsary to create meeting id in backend only?

Hi @ritu22, thanks for using the dev forum.

For starting a meeting without passing in a meeting number, the startInstantMeeting method you mentioned would be the best approach. There is no parameter to pass in a meeting number for this option, so it will either use your personal meeting ID or generate a new meeting number depending on your account settings.


But that also require email / password as zoom credentials… I want to integrate this SDK in my app where any user can audio call without entering email or password

Hi @ritu22,

In order to start an instant meeting, a user must be authenticated. This is how the Zoom ecosystem was designed, and the SDKs are not capable of circumventing that requirement unfortunately.

If you are not tied to using the Zoom meeting ecosystem, our Video SDK does not require user-level authentication and could be worth considering. It is a much more open-ended platform than the Meeting SDK since it does not need to conform to the preexisting behavior of the Zoom ecosystem. If that sounds like something that could fit your use case, you can find more information in our Video SDK documentation. If you have any additional questions about the Video SDK, please use the #mobile-video-sdk category. :slightly_smiling_face:


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