How To Get Zoom token and User ID while integrating the sdk with android ?


 i followed your developer api section and GitHub also . iam confused how to get all data required to start a meeting ?

i integrated my application  the with android sdk in android studio  and i followed your example  but when try to a start meeting it required user id and zoom token

 meetingService.startMeeting(this, USER\_ID, ZOOM\_TOKEN, STYPE, MEETING\_ID, DISPLAY\_NAME, opts)

should i use create user api to create an user and then obtain this data (user ID and zoom token)
 ? and if user already exist i should login to get these credentials every time i want to start a meeting??

iam using a test account So i couldn't use create user api because i haven't the privilege.
 please give me clear step to start meeting from android sdk with the test account .



Hi Mina,

   There are two options and you can chose one of them depending on what your app workflow is.

(1) You can use the /user/create API, create a user, get the user id and pass it to the function OR 

(2) you can get the zoom e-mail/password of the user and pass it to function

If you are using a test account, you could get a 60 day free trial to use the API - sign up at If not, just go with option-2 where you can just pass your zoom username/password. 

Thanks, Wei @ Zoom





Thanks For Your Respond 

i have another question

how to remove meeting id from waiting screen 

i used 

opts.meeting\_views\_options = MeetingViewsOptions.NO\_TEXT\_MEETING\_ID;

but it removed id from live meeting screen only


Hi Mina,

Zoom Android SDK supports customize waiting room experience. Please take a look at the documentation at Section 8 in the docx file explains how to achieve this goal.



Thanks for your respond,

I followed the .docx in section 8  and added the following code and handled listeners. 

but i still find your waiting screen not the custom one. in the other hand i downloaded your example from GitHub  and run the code also i find your waiting screen not the custom one also.



<activity android:name=".sdkexample2.MyWaitJoinActivity"
<action android:name=“” />
<category android:name=“android.intent.category.DEFAULT” />





Hi Mina,

could you check one of your actions: <action android:name=“” />?

you should put your app’s name before “.intent.action.JoinBeforeHost”



Thank you ,

already i used my app name but still have the problem that my waiting activity has not launched yet.


Hi Mina,

Did you try to run the sample we provided? It will demonstrate how to customize the waiting room experience. The project is called example, and you can take a look at