Create multiple meetings at once

It would be useful to be able to create multiple meetings at one time (i.e. for advising appointments) and even have the ability to enter invitee email addresses so the meeting invitation is sent out to each. Thank you!


Hey @meltonml,

You can create multiple meetings for one time if you have multiple hosts to host the meeting.

For managing invites I would suggest to use Calendly or Google Calendar to send out the meeting invitation.



Hi @tommy. I was actually interested in the ability to create multiple meetings for different times. For example, if a teacher wanted to set up 10 meetings for 10 different advisees, say for 30 minutes each starting at 9:00am (9:30am, 10:00am, etc.), it would be nice if that could be accomplished from one screen, rather than having to create 10 individual meetings separately. We do use Google Calendar, but again the user then has to create 10 events and paste in the invitation code. It would be great if Zoom could use the Google Calendar API to automatically generate events for the meetings which would then send the email invitations (or something along those lines). Thanks!

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Hey @meltonml,

You can accomplish this with recurring meetings, or via the Zoom Create Meeting API.

As for contact and calendar APIs, we do see the value of this, but right now are focusing on Video / Phone / Chat.


The recurring meetings feature actually won’t work for what we’re trying to accomplish. That uses the same meeting ID, and to keep the appointments private from one another, separate meeting IDs would be needed. Thanks for the info though!

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Okay, your best bet to speed up this process would be to automate with the API.


Hi Tommy,

I able to create meeting using token, When I start desktop client from url skema, I am join as attendee. I have to put host key to be a host. My Question is
1.How I can start desktop client as Host without log into zoom website?
2. Which type of member I have to create to get host key that allow me to use that member host key to be a host.

Gourab Singha

Hey @gourab.singha,

Simply use the start_url returned in the response from creating a meeting to start the meeting without logging in.

Not sure what you mean by this, please share a screenshot.


I have a Zoom Account with 2 hosts, and i want to run simultaneous meetings (interviews). How do i make sure that these run smoothly. I have set up the second account as an admin and me as the owner. Is there anything else i would need to do?

Thanks for the help and support

Hey @kevin.little,

You are good to go! Just use the two hosts to run the two meetings at the same time. :slight_smile:


I have 4 hosts,
How to setup 4 meetings at the same time?
I have ever set it up, but when it is running/starting, I have to ending the other meeting.

Thanks for the help and support.

Hey @supriyono.toto,

You will need 4 Zoom users.


Hello @Tommy! We are in the same situation.
We own a PRO Plan and we need to set up multiple meetings and webinars at the same time. I understood from above that I have to set up a HOST account for each meeting but I cannot understand how to make a Host of our colleagues to make sure they can run their private meeting (that I, owner of the admin account, set up) while I am doing another meeting/webinar.

thanks in advance for your help!

Dear Tommy,

it means when I set up 4 meetings at the same time in schedule meeting,

they will run simultaneously at the same time?

so far I have set it up, it doesn’t work.

Please advice.


please help me,
I bought zoom for 4 hosts, but I can only use as 1 host.
How to set up more than 1 host,
How to separate to other hosts

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Hey @b.burchiellaro,

The other host would need to create the other webinar / meeting and simply start it.


Hey @supriyono.toto,

The other hosts would need to login to their Zoom account, and schedule and start the meetings.


Hi Tommy,

I have 1 Pro account licensed with 2 hosts
how do you start two schedule meetings simultaneously ?

I have tried all kinds of ways including logging in on two different devices and trying to start meetings.
but still one meeting must be end.

please advice

Rizky K

I faced the same problem (1 Pro account with 2 hosts), was reading this page but could not understand how to connect second host (if I am the first) with my account. Finally I found the answer by myself.

What you need is:

  1. Go to User management - Users - and be sure that you have at least one user in your users list. If not, add. (People invited have to create their own zoom account and associate it with your account - this happens automatically through the link they receive when you add users).
  2. Once you have some users in your account, choose the one you want to make a host, select edit and change that person’s user type from basic to lisenced. That’s all!

The person you selected is the other host now and can schedule simultaneous meetings using his/her account.

If you have bought more hosts, just select the other people who are users in your account and whom you entrust to schedule and host new meetings.

Hope this will help:)

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Hi Martynas,

thank you for your answers
I hope this will be very helpful

but honestly I have done that to user management.
I have a user owner (my account) and user admin (another account that I created)

what is still not successful is, that is possible if 2 users (hosts) to start many meeting schedule that has been scheduled on owner user meeting schedule simultaneously ?

thanks & regards,
Rizky K