"Create New Registrant" in Zapier call: {"code":"300"

Since yesterday, the Zap “Create New Registrant” is failing with code 300

[{“code”:“300”,“message”:“The parameter is required: zip”,“description”:“Refer to URL: https://zoomappdocs.docs.stoplight.io/zapier”}]

Which App?
Zapier “Create New Registrant in Zoom”

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Try to register someone new for a webinar created after 4/5/20 when webinar passwords were suddenly required.

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
This step is wtill working for webinars that were setup previously to yesterday.

Hey @philip,

Are you requiring a Zip Code for your registrants?


I am also having this issue.

Hey @art,

Are you requiring Zip Code in the webinar registrant settings?


Although I’m somewhat new to zapier, I am a programming developer and I had my zaps successfully setup and running to move transactions from Woocommerce Purchases to create Zoom Registrants. I have submitted these comments below on a zapier forum, but I am repeating them here in hope it helps all those affected by what seems to be a “known issue…”

My zap was working one day, then the next day, the LAST NAME field “disappeared.”

On previously working zaps the last name field became an “extra field.” See screen shot…

I tried deleting the zoom node and creating again from scratch. See next screen shot below. Of course zoom requires the last name field to be populated (and I now have no way to do this.)


Looks like I am part of this “known issue.” Please help ASAP. I submitted a help ticket directly to zapier [and waited more than 24 hours] but did not get a reply. This zap is becoming an essential part of running my business (otherwise crippled by Corona Quarantine) as I convert our service from in person to zoom only.

Hey @drivingprosperity,

Are you able to create the event? What error is thrown when you don’t include the last name?


We’re having the same issue with the 300 error. Very frustrating.

Went through Zapier’s docs where they recommend toggle the ‘Last name’ required field for the webinar in question. However, it’s not clear how the integration determines if the last name is required. Is that are the account level defaults or per webinar?

Hey @collectivelyrooted,

Apologies for the inconvenience. According to our docs, the last name field is required.

Does toggling the last name field fix the issue? Do you mind sending a screenshot so we can look into it further?


Hey @collectivelyrooted, @philip, @drivingprosperity. @art,

We had a release over the weekend to fix the last name being required:

Fixed the issue where the field(“last name”) last name was previously set as a required field instead of optional in the Add a Webinar Registrant API.

  • POST /v2/webinar/{webinarId}/registrants


Please let me know if that resolves the issue.