Create Users Options?

I’m trying to get a better understanding of the Create Users options, specially autoCreate, custCreate, and ssoCreate?

My company wants to provide a meeting link to host a meeting for a specific time.“pre set up” meeting, where the customer has to do the minimum. We want to avoid a 2-step process where either they create a password under the create option, or they validate an account with the registered domain link.

When we try the autoCreate option, it says that we need a managed domain and we could set one up. But if we create the managed domain, the customer will not know about the account we create on their behalf in the sub-domain, we control it. So, if we use this option, we cannot require the customer to log into the account on the sub-domain and verify it.

custCreate actually sounds like the perfect option, but our platform is full JavaScript with no option to include Web Assemblies, so we cannot create our own client, we would still need to use a client to start the meeting.

ssoCreate there really isn’t enough information here to see if this is a viable option. I’m assuming that this would be providing a Zoom user in an SSO environment where the user was already created in SSO. My guess is that this still requires a validation step?

Hi @kcdemo.gdaustin.sfcc, custCreate is enabled for API Partners through our ISV Program. For more info here, reach out to (Please note this team currently has a large backlog of inquiries, so there might be some delays in their reply).

autoCreate is used for accounts with a managed domain where all users are pre-provisioned. These users have Zoom accounts, but because there is an established managed domain, the users do not all need to be confirmed to be activated.

ssoCreate is used for accounts with an external IDP (Identity Provider) which will map user provisioning to Zoom users. This is likely not what you are wanting to do.