Create Zoom meeting in Android WebView

I’m trying a POC to create and launch zoom meeting in Android WebView. To test this, I created a zoom meeting link (from MacOS app) and tried loading the link in Android WebView.

But it asks me to download the zoom app via playstore. Attaching a screenshot:

Any help would be really appreciated. I’m not looking to use the Native Zoom SDK though.

Hi @administrator1, thanks for using the dev forum.

Since the web client does not support mobile web browsers, you would not be able to launch the client directly in a WebView in your app.


Hi @jon.lieblich

If I try loading the “join from browser” url (from chrome on desktop) inside Android’s WebView, it works.

Is there a way we can get that link from the create meeting api ? I’m attaching a sample screenshot of the link I’m talking about.

Hi @administrator1,

For assistance with our REST APIs, please post over in #api-and-webhooks and one of my colleagues will be more than happy to assist. :slightly_smiling_face:


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