Can’t join a meeting from web view Android apps

Hi there,
I use a plugins in my website which use API key and API Secret of JWT to join meeting. There are two link to join meeting. One is join via app and another is join via browser. Both link are working if I use from web browser like Chrome or Mozilla.
I want to join meeting by those links from a web view Android apps.
If I try by link of join via browser from this web view Android apps and I come in the step of captcha to join meeting then the captcha not working. I attached a screenshot from where I can not go forward.|230x500
And when I try to join meeting via zoom app from this web view Android apps then it show error message that web page not available. I attached a screenshot of that error.|230x500
Please help me to solve the issue.

am facing the same issue as yours . can you please tell me which web sdk version you are using ?

Hi Gautam Dingh, This uses webSDK version 1.7.10 – From version 1.7.9 re-captcha validation was added. Re-captcha opens up in a popup. Since, I am using android WebView probably the sdk does not recognize popup signal from the browser. I doubt that there is workaround for this issue I am facing in android WebView.

If the participant want to join meeting via browser need to validate captcha but join via zoom app, no need of validate captcha. But if any one click the link of join via zoom app then it need to open the zoom app.
Here have a way by which we can open an android apps from an link of web view Android.

So can any one tell, is it possible to open the zoom Android app when the user click the link of join via zoom app from web view Android apps?

Hey @arifulapece, @gautam.singh,

We will look into the web view issue. In the meantime, if you fill out this form we can disable the recaptcha for you, which should fix the issue:


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