Create zoom meeting using zoom api

We have been using App type JWT where we get app id and app secret key . Using this key we create jwt signature and we use this signature we access zoom apk in order to manage meeting schedules.

As We need to create multiple scheduled (meeting ) per hour based on booking. we use scheduler (It will run continually specific time interval) that will call one end point and this end point is used to create meeting schedule based on booked slots and times.

JWT app type will be deprecated on 6/1/2023. We are not going to use after two month as zoom is going to stop this feature.

Went through document and created App type Meeting SDK to replace existing JWT app type. We get client id client Secrets key and configured oAuth redirect call back url .

Now our question is that how to create meeting using zoom api.

Our Requirement is that ( How to use zoom api end points using scheduler

Need to create multiple meeting based on booked slots per hour. We need to run this zoom api using scheduler. ( As we did using App type JWT )

Note :

        **Came to know by your document there only way to crate meeting schedule using zoom apk we need to go with oAuth.  How can we proceed this if we call apks using scheduler.**

Web hooks for listing meeting start, meeting end need to be used.

Recording Zoom meeting need to be done

Please help us and give right solution.

Hi @sriniv
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
You should be able to achieve the same functionality that you have, by migrating to the Server to ServerOAuth app; the API calls will remain the same and the only thing that you need to change is the way you generate the tokens.