Created JWT token with unlicensed account, cannot add new one with

After having created a Developer Account and added a JWT App with a non Pro user account, I cannot access management API calls (e.g. /metrics calls) as they require a pro license.
I tried to add a new JWT App with another user on our organisation that is a pro user, but they cannot add another JWT App and I cannot delete the existing one. There is only one JWT App allowed per organisation.

When calling, I get the error message “Only available for paid account and enabled Dashboard feature.”
This error message is shown for a lot of different API calls (e.g. /groups) that have the Prerequisite “Pro or higher account” in the documentation.
This is expected as I created the JWT token in an account created with a standard (non pro) user. However, I am not able to add a JWT App on another (pro) account in our organization

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
All endpoints with prerequisite “Pro or higher account”

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
See above

Hey @simon2,

Correct. There can only be one JWT App per org.

For the List Zoom Rooms endpoint, you need a Business, Education or API Plan, which are the plans above a pro plan.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 3.17.19 PM

Can you try upgrading to the respective plan, regenerating the JWT Secret and try again?


Hi @tommy Thanks for your quick answer.
Frankly speaking, I don’t see, why I should upgrade to a Pro account as we already have a lot of paying users that actually use the zoom rooms (I am not one of them, I am only developing a little helper tool for them). Isn’t it possible to have one of them recreate the JWT token?

Hey @simon2,

Yes, they can try regenerating the token.

Do any of your users have a Business, Education or API Plan?

That is the requirement for using the List Zoom Rooms endpoint.


Hi @tommy ,

Thanks for that valuable hint. In fact, logging in with a paid user and recreating the Credentials helped to get the right user assigned to the JWT access. This is very valuable information and should be available somewhere!

Kind regards,


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Hey @simon2, glad it is working now! :slight_smile:

We will work on making this more clear in our docs.