Creating a calendar of Zoom webinars

We aggregate webinar announcements tweeted by partner organizations. These are free events that anyone can attend. We want to build and maintain a calendar. All we have is the Register URL for each meeting.

I registered a JWT app and tried to send a Test Request to “get” a webinar, but I do not have the numeric meetingId. There’s a meeting_number in the page HTML

<input type="hidden" id="meeting_number" value="83339421571" />

but no meeting_id:

<input type="hidden" id="meeting_id" value="" />

The most basic information about the webinars is contained right on the Webinar Registration page - the title and start time - and we could scrape it I guess, but I really need a little more: the duration, name of the organizer, etc.

What would be a way forward for this simple project?

Thanks for any advice!

So I registered for one of the webinars.

“Webinar ID” appeared near the bottom of the form, along with the URL to join.

Using “Send a Test Request” , I put in the Webinar ID (with and without the white spaces) that I had just received along with a fresh JWT Token and got the following response:

  "code": 300,
  "message": "Invalid Webinar Id."

What am I doing wrong?

Hey @Cimas,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. The REST API will only work for Webinars and other data from your own account. In order to build a calendar of public Webinars, you may want to reach out to the hosts of the webinars to be included in future calendar events they create.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hey @MaxM,

Thanks for that, and we will do as you suggest. Not obvious though why this information is restricted for the API but accessible to any anonymous user visiting the web page…


Hey @Cimas,

I’m glad to hear that was helpful! As part of maintaining our lead as the most secure platform, we are very conscious of user data and privacy. For this reason, we require authentication for all of our APIs.

When it comes to the registration page for a Webinar, we leave it up to the user to share their registration URL as they see fit. In this way, users have control over their data and who sees it.


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